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How do you exchange your coins in Berlin

This guide will show the steps to make deposits large amounts of coins or exchange them into euro bills. The German term is Bargeldeinzahlung.

In your bank

You can deposit your coins at a deposit machine (Einzahlautomat). These machines are situated next to cash machines in other locations typically close to the entrance to the banking institution. The cash will be deposited into your account at the bank.

  • Commerzbank It is possible to use machines at Commerzbank coin machines at no cost. Search for Commerzbank branches with Einzahlautomaten.
  • Comdirect You can utilize machines at Commerzbank coin machines at no cost 1, 2., 2. Search for Commerzbank branches with Einzahlautomaten. You get 3 free deposits per month1.
  • Deutsche Bank It is possible to use your Deutsche Bank coin machines for absolutely free. Search for Deutsche Bank branches with Bargeldeinzahlung am Automaten. If you deposit coins at the counter, you will pay a fee1, 2.
  • N26 You can use CASH26 to deposit coins. It is essential to take your coins out first. It’s not a great method of depositing a large amount of coins. What is the way CASH26 operates. The fee is 1.5 percent of your deposit. It’s best to deposit the coins to the Bundesbank.
  • Sparkasse You can use the Sparkasse coin machines for free1, 2. Search for Sparkasse branches with an Ein- und Auszahlungsautomat. You can also deposit your coins at the counter, which costs 7.50EUR fee. 1.. If you’re a collector of coins, you may require a number of bags 1.

If your bank doesn’t has branches located in Berlin you can still deposit money at Bundesbank.

At the Bundesbank

If you take them to the Federal Bank ( Bundesbank) They will exchange them for a free one. The bank will give you euro bills as a reward. The is most efficient method to exchange lots of coins. one.

  1. Bring your cash into your local Bundesbank located in Charlottenburg. You don’t need to roll your coins1, 2. Simply put them in bags.
  2. You should dial a number and then wait until you’re called. It’s not necessary to make an appointment.
  3. You’ll be taken to the small booth. They will hand you an empty box. You can place your money in the box and they’ll count them.
  4. The person will hand you euro notes.

I’ve tried this. It’s very simple. You don’t have to be fluent in German.

At Coinstar machines

It is possible to find Coinstar machines available in a variety of supermarkets. When you place your coins into the Coinstar machine, you will receive coupons. Take that coupon in to cashier. You could get cash back or you can use coupons to purchase groceries. 1..

Coinstar machines charge an 9.9 percent fee. one. This is the most expensive way for converting coins.

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